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Women’s Hair Loss? Meet Atlanta’s Wigspert!

The Whys of Women’s Hair Loss

Alopecia. Aging. Medications. Chemotherapy. According to an article on the Health.com website, there are many causes for women’s hair loss. Some are temporary. Some are permanent. While the reasons are important and the consequences can be paralyzing. Hair is a defining feature of every woman. Its absence can make it hard for you to look in the mirror every day.

She’s Your New Best Friend…

For more than a decade, Rebecca Walden, dubbed the Wigspert of Atlanta by one of her clients, has been changing the lives of women with hair loss for the better. She understands the intimate and powerful relationship between women and their crowning glory. Rebecca is the fairy Godmother who’ll fulfill your wish to look like yourself again—and only your wig stylist will know for sure. Her sparkling personality, expertise in hair loss, mastery of “hairwear,” and devotion to your peace of mind will have you smiling long before you leave her salon. As one of her clients famously said,

“She’s more than a wig stylist. She is a therapist in leather pants and crazy jewelry.”

Discover why so many women with hair loss trust the Wigspert of Atlanta with this most important body part. Learn About Rebecca—her skills, her style and her selfless contributions to Atlanta’s top charitable organizations.



Hi Dawn,Thank you for reaching out to best self! We are sorry to hear about your mother’s battle with cancer but wish her all the best in her journey.As far as wigs go we would recommend Rebecca Walden Wig Studio-“Wigspert of Atlanta”. When we were working on our Breast Cancer issue last year we heard many overwhelmingly positive reviews of her work which we covered here. Rebecca is specifically dedicated to working with women losing their locks due to medical conditions and we think she would be a great fit for your mom. We hope this information is a small help in a difficult time and let us know if you have any other questions! -Best Self Editorial

Best Self Atlanta Magazine

Rebecca, There are no words to express how grateful I am to have found you. You have taken the most difficult time in my life and sprinkled it with positivity. Thank you for making this hard journey a little easier.

xoxo Lori

Hi there. New girl looks great. got a lot of compliments. Headcap feels different. Not wearing the fabric headband any longer which is a big plus.

FYI. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my new hair at work, even from ppl who knew that it wasn’t my real hair. One of my orthodox Jewish friends said the front of my wig looks a lot more realistic than her– and she ordered her from NYC and paid a lot more for it. You do orthodox Jewish wigs,right? She may be interested. My mom was also very impressed and it now thinking about getting a topper –she’s got lots of thinning at the crown.


  • Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund Board Member

  • American Cancer Society-CPS3 Project

  • National Breast Cancer Coalition Member

  • Camp Strand”(Camp Twin Lakes for Children with Alopecia)-Board Member 

  • Partnership with the AFLAC Center/Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta




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